Saturday, August 28, 2010

Luke Cage is the Man

Somehow I don't think that's the way that sentence was going to end.
"Don't know what you were aimin' for, but..."
"Yeah man. I can feel it too. It works!"
"No, no, I was gonna say..."
"That I look AWESOME?"
"No, more along the lines of..."
"Luke Cage is the man?"
*Sigh* "Never mind."

I love how when faced with looking at Jason Blood's junk, Arsenal looks away in embarrassment, Canary looks like she's trying to let him maintain his decency and look away but is actually not so secretly looking, and Batman faces him down bravely, afraid of nothing.

I LOVE the B.A.D. girls. I wikied them, and they've only appeared a handful of other times, with the exception of Rachel (Diamondback) who pops up every so often in other stuff. I love how they can be so professional and "grr SRS BSNS" but at other times they say things like "poop." They need their own series ASAP.

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