Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Hundredth Post

I'm not a huge fan of Brian Michael Bendis, but I really, really, enjoy little moments like this.

"Be quiet while Doom dances for you! Behold, the electric slide!"

None of these people are my favourite incarnations of the Batfamily (that would be Tim, Bruce, and Cass, respectively) but they're my favourite Batfamily as a whole. Dick is darker as Batman than he ever was as Nightwing, but he's never as serious or intense as Bruce is. I love the dynamic between Damian and Steph. They bicker like brother and sister (although I never remember my brother attacking me with a sword, or defending myself with a bo staff). Dick seems to genuinely care about the younger members of the family, whereas Bruce tends to look on them as tools. Plus, there's the dialogue when they confront a crazy woman obsessed with gambling.

Damian: Game over.
Steph: Don't be lame.
Dick: Shh. He's learning.

They just seem like family. I like it.

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