Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It takes him four steps just to put on his mask

Now I know this featureless face is the Question's
schtick, or whatever...but it seems way
easier to just wear a mask.

That is the saddest human transformed into a werewolf transformed into a talking dog who is known as a Stargod that I have ever seen.

The thing with She-Hulk and Stargod bothered me because first of all, he didn't like her in her She-Hulk form, and if you're going to marry someone, you should accept every part of them, you know? Second, lots of people called Jen a hypocrite in that she didn't like John in his Stargod form. Think about it for a second: the difference between the two situations is that only one is committing bestiality here.

There's just something that really tickles me about the phrase "That's why you get the medium bucks."

In other news, I'm going to cheat on my new husband, the Condiment King, with Slyfox, who I persist in calling Slylock Fox in my head.

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