Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daredevil is also really boring

Is it weird that I'm proud that in Y- The Last Man, the new leader of the Yakuza is a pop star from Saskatoon?

In all seriousness, Y-The Last Man is ridiculously good. It's about a plague that killed off all the males in the world except for one, and he teams up with a doctor and a secret agent to find a way to make clones to repopulate the planet. I powered through 60 issues in three days. I highly recommend it to everyone.

The only thing is, Brian K Vaughan ends every issue with either a huge revelation or a cliffhanger so you have to keep reading. At one point he started doing little 3 issue arcs, so I thought at least I could escape at the conclusion of a story arc. Turns out that no, I couldn't. Don't start reading the series unless you have about an hour to kill. Here's a text convo I had with my brother about it:

Me: The only bad thing is that Vaughan ends every issue on a cliffhanger. I want to eat but I...I can't.
Jonas: And you never will.

In Greek mythology, one of Hercules' tasks was to get the girdle of Hippolyta. I believe he seduced her to obtain it. This is why Wondy is calling Herc the despoiler of Hippolyta (who is also her mother.)

I like that they had this little interaction here, because it absolutely makes sense that Wonder Woman goes balls to the wall to take out Hercules. The Marvel Hercules is more portrayed as kind of a lovable buffoon and in flashbacks to his time with Hippolyta, he is portrayed as thinking of her fondly and not simply using her to get the girdle. The DC Hercules is a dickish rapist asshole that Wonder Woman hates. Poor Herc, getting punched in the face for something that the DC Hercules did.

"Thank God I threw the baby off the roof so that Natasha would be forced to take custody of it for its own safety!"

Since we're on the subject of Kevin Smith, I want to talk about his writing style. I've read three story arcs by him: Quiver (Green Arrow), Guardian Devil (Daredevil), and Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do. His stories have a tendency to start our pretty normal and then go OFF THE DAMN RAILS.

Quiver starts out as a mystery of sorts. Ollie comes back from the dead with the personality he had a decade ago and no one knows why. Then BAM there's all this stuff about fake gay Satanist rapists, demon pets, Hal having god-like powers, and a Heaven where all the heroes wear their costumes all the time. Guardian Devil was insane pretty much immediately, with a baby who might be either the Antichrist or Jesus but then gets MORE crazy when it's revealed that Mysterio orchestrated the whole lie about the Messiah/Antichrist solely to get Daredevil to go insane. The Evil That Men Do isn't so much insane as really uncomfortable. Spider-Man and Black Cat team up to find some heroin dealer and then it turns out that the dealer has the worst power of all time (he can teleport small amounts of liquid) and then there are back to back detailed rape narratives. I've also read a smaller story arc also featuring Green Arrow which wasn't insane but did feature a LOT of oral sex puns. At the very least, every story arc will have a "HOLY CRAP WHAT JUST HAPPENED" moment. Which I always enjoy.

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