Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I don't watch anime often (only Zatch Bell or Full Metal Alchemist when the mood strikes) but my FAVOURITE part is how the protagonists are always so moody and melodramatic. Which is why I'm in love with Jimmy Yama's anime face here. Anime always does that thing where they have half of someone's face in the side of the panel, looking all broody.

Nicola Scott is the PERFECT person to draw Secret Six because she draws the prettiest Catman I have ever seen in my life.
At one point Secret Six was drawn by someone else (can't remember, and too lazy to get my trades) and it just wasn't the same because Catman wasn't beautiful. Not even the women get to be as pretty. I was going to say that Nicola Scott is incapable of drawing ugliness (since she can make even Ragdoll look cute) and then I remembered her drawing of Junior which I'm not putting here because I don't want to scar you.

I'm kind of liking Kingpin. I was always kind of ambivalent about him firstly because I hadn't read much with him and partly because he was in the horrible Daredevil movie. Anyway, he was pretty awesome in this Spider-Man/Batman crossover I read. But what in the world would you call this attack? The Hug of Horror? Cuddles of Cruelty? What are you going to tell your buddies after surviving this attack? Sure, you're pretty badass for escaping the Kingpin, but you also have to be like, "Yeah, I got these broken ribs because he hugged me really hard."

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