Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prepare to dock with planet FRAG

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that Mr. Terrific turned into a nice zombie, like the one in Day of the Dead. My sister called that day to tell me that she dreamed about Spider-Man and Batman. Sigh. I have B-list dreams.

A couple things amuse me in these panels. One, Tony's stupefaction in the face of his father's ranting. Two, Howard's crazy eyes. And three, the fact that he calls Iron Man "Mr. Man." This was my favourite issue of Marvel Adventures: Iron Man. Fred van Lente is a genius.

I love this panel. This is my favourite Lobo comic of all time. I think the best part is the Hitman's understatement. He's running away from a gigantic, murderous bounty hunter with a giant chain in his hand. "Oh jeez" is really not the best phrase to use. Another funny part in the comic which I don't think I saved, was when Tommy meets Lobo in a bar. His internal monologue is something like "In fact, having nothing better to do, I read the jerk's mind." Yeah, I do that too. "I'm bored, so I'm going to read random bar patrons' minds."

Initially I saved this because I just thought Tim and Steph were cute together. Then I was wondering why Steph was mad. I stared at this for SO LONG trying to figure it out.

I'm pretty sure they're talking about cosplay.

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