Monday, September 20, 2010


Aquaman gets a pretty bad rap, which I don't think he really deserves. Granted, my experience with him comes solely from: Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Smallville, and Quiver (where the above image comes from) and he was pretty badass in 2/3 of those (I didn't really like him on Smallville, mostly because he dated Lois when she should have been dating Clark). Sure, he can't really do much on land, but HE'S RIDING A FRICKING WHALE. Plus he has like, a bionic arm or something because IT GOT CHEWED OFF BY A PIRANHA. If that's not badass, I don't know what is. Also, his hair is beautiful.

I love Cass and Batman's relationship. Out of the Batfamily, they're the most alike. We know from Batgirl that he looks on her like a daughter and he's the closest thing to a (somewhat sane, at least compared to David Cain) parental figure she's ever had. I get the feeling that she's his favourite of the Batfamily. I just found this picture really cute because they're both kind of lowering their defenses. Cass wants to help him (this is during the Bruce Wayne: Murderer storyline) and he is touched by that.

PS: I hate DC for that stupid storyline. The plot itself was fine, but it was spread out over a bunch of different titles. I read some in Batgirl and some in I believe Birds of Prey BUT I NEVER FIGURED OUT WHO WAS FRAMING HIM because I didn't have the other necessary titles.

This was the best issue ever of Luke Cage. Or of anything, really. Doom is charmed by Luke's audacity. And look here...HE IS ACTUALLY LAUGHING. And then he lets him escape from Latveria, because he likes him. It warms the heart. Those guys need to team up. Luke Cage is probably my second favourite Marvel title of all time. (First is Cable/Deadpool).

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