Thursday, September 23, 2010


I saved this picture primarily because Gambit's armour is adorable. Well, everyone's is adorable, but I particularly like Gambit's, mostly because of his ins
ane hair. I also like the phrase "No, I used my English reading powers..." I'm still not totally sure who that is standing with Gambit and Cyclops. I'm thinking Rogue because she would likely be with Gambit and because of the white stripe on her head. I wish I knew definitively.

I'm not a huge fan of the Hulk. I think he's boring and all he does is go "GRR HULK SMASH" and hit things. Anything I've read with him in it doesn't bother to explore the Bruce Banner/Hulk dichotomy, they just have him and his indestructible pants wreak havoc. But what I've learned mostly from his appearance in Marvel Adventures: Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, he's very amusingly snarky. He comes off as hilariously misanthropic and as you can see here, a master of the understatement. I would read a comic solely based around Bruce, but not the Hulk.

This guy is tied with Condiment King as having my favourite power ever. His name is the Defenestrator and apparently his power is carrying around windows and smashing them over people's heads. There are so many questions: How did he come up with this gimmick? Where does he get the windows? How does he carry them? But it's Lobo, so I'll assume that the hows and whys are not important; you're just supposed to bask in the insanity.


  1. So can I sign up for the mirror smashing as my superpower?
    And if that doesn't pan out I'll just expose everyone to my zillion years bad luck from all of the insane and unhelpful mirror cracking, lol.

    *side note
    I don't comment on a lot of your posts because, honestly, you say everything better then i ever could, but I do read a lot of them. Just wanted to let you know because it's always nice to know people actually read what you write, haha.

  2. The Defenestrator is part of Section 8, a collection of dangerously insane lunatics from Garth Ennis' "Hitman" comic. That panel up there is from the Hitman / Lobo crossover, in which Lobo pissed off the hero, Tommy Monaghan, who enlisted his friends in Section 8 to incapacitate Lobo long enough to film him being raped while unconscious. In a wedding dress. No, really.