Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Every notice how you can see Peej's boobs all the time, even if she's facing away?

Peej. Seriously. I swear to you this wouldn't be a problem IF YOU COVERED YOUR BOOBS. So far I count ONE TIME when you have appeared with your boobs covered, in your nice sweater/boot outfit combo. I don't think you get to complain about guys staring at your chest WHEN YOUR OUTFIT LOOKS LIKE THAT.

Also, I didn't mind so much because Amanda Conner's art makes me mellow and happy, but this is supposed to be a JSA comic. Why is it "Power Girl With Scant Appearances by the Rest of the the JSA"? I WANT MY JAY GARRICK, DAMMIT.

Holy crapola guys, HOW CREEPY would that be if you were faced with THAT, post-coitus? Poor Catman. Everyone just wants him for his body, never for his mind.

Ollie is so delusional. I've read the comic where he finds out Roy gets addicted to heroin, and here's what happened. Ollie finds out, gets enraged, and THROWS THE KID OUT ON THE STREET. Roy, drug addled and depressed, goes to Hal for help. Hal, being really unawesome (he's my least favourite GL for a reason), dumps Roy at Canary's place, and she helps him detox. Every time Ollie addresses that situation, he lightens it up considerably. OLLIE, YOU DID NOTHING. YOU DUMPED YOUR PSEUDO SON IN THE STREET. Weirdly, Roy gives Hal credit for helping him through, when he did nothing but pawn him off on Canary. I don't know if writers just forget this or are attempting to retcon it.

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