Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yeah, boyeeeeeeeee

I was reading over my Dr. Strange post of yesterday, and just realized he has the "greying at the temples" hair like pretty much every Marvel male (and Mr. Lodge from Archie, if I recall). I've never seen that hair on anyone in real life, and yet in Marvel off the top of my head there's Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, Nick Fury, and J. Jonah Jameson. I don't think DC has any that I can recall right now (except maybe Perry White?) Maybe that's the hair Stan Lee wishes he had.

Anyway. So I recently started reading She-Hulk (a little bit of Sensational, but mostly v.1 and v.2). I was IMMENSELY disappointed when I saw that Juan Bobillo was pencilling it, because his work was just painful when he was on Agent X. If you'll recall, here's an example:

Ugh. Alex looks like a gorilla. Sandy doesn't look like herself. I can't recall who did inking, but even that's just bad. It looks like someone left the comic out in the sun and it faded. But I was quite pleasantly surprised when I started reading She-Hulk.

He always draws her with this kind of Daria expression of superiority and boredom on her face all the time that I kind of find charming. He draws her boobs very very large but you know, it's She-Hulk AND it's a comic book, what are you gonna do? I was even a little disappointed when they switched artists. Comparing She-Hulk to Agent X though, I can't believe it's the same penciller. Because I hated every single aspect of his art in Agent X and in She-Hulk my feelings range from "hmm, this is kind of charming" to "you know what? I don't mind it." I would have assumed that he just evolved, but She-Hulk was written (I believe) 3 years before Agent X.

Context? You can't handle the context.

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