Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things I Find Inexplicably Hilarious

A toad man from outer space yelling "Scarper!"

The fact that Ares' outfit is half Greek god wear and half normal denim.

A loincloth-clad person from the past yelling "DISEMBOWEL HIM!" Way to be specific in your threats.

Dr. Strange laughing in delight as he is lifted by She-Hulk. From what I've seen of him, he seems almost on another plain than the rest of the characters - you'd never see him just hanging out, or whatever, so when he does something refreshingly normal, I find it very charming. Dr. Strange is another one of those characters that I just LOVE, even though I've hardly seen him in anything. I've only seen him in Cable/Deadpool (and he wasn't particularly noteworthy there) and on Scans Daily. For awhile I kept mixing him up with Mr. Sinister (another character I just love without seeing much of him. That stems purely from his appearance in Cable/Deadpool when he told Deadpool to wash his hands after spending about ten panels peeing). Although it's not too inexplicable, actually. I saw a few pages of a comic on Scans Daily where he teamed up with Spider-Man and he was going about his normal daily routine - checking the fabric of reality for problems - with a coffee and doughnut in his hand.

Also I love him for this:

You wouldn't think the greatest sorcerer in the world would need glasses, but there you go. Dr. Strange is an appealing mixture of you know, ethereal, otherworldly qualities - he's not very accessible as a character, really, when you think about it - and also of the mundane (like the glasses and the fact that he has a coffee and doughnut every morning). I want to read more stuff featuring him. On She-Hulk, a character gets exiled to Duck World (where Howard the Duck comes from) and gets help from Ducktor Strange, a duck version of Dr. Strange (obviously). I think those two need to team up in a mini or something. If they fight my favourite villain (Dr. Doom) and another batshit villain like the Armless Tiger Man and maybe team up with Squirrel Girl, that would be like, my ultimate comic. Nick Fury could join them. Oh man, that needs to be written like, YESTERDAY.

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  1. So how do you feel about Dr. Strange being in a sexual relationship with the Night Nurse? (I'm guessing you'll have to Wiki her).