Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Never talk about the fastball special

This is my favourite moment of Incredible Hercules so far. I think Ares is supposed to be a bad guy (yes? No? Antihero?) but this just makes me love him.

Wolverine has something uncomfortable pointed out to him. I have no idea why Shulkie is dressed like that.

I was so charmed by this for some reason. Thanos as a child looks so hilarious. And he's tackling a stumpadon. STUMPADON. Marvel, never change.

So with that shirt, we're giving up any pretense of Shulkie ever having dignity, huh?

In other news:

Tony Stark hates puppies.
He invented this new "ghost armour" to sneak into Doom's castle. After Doom pointed it out, I realized this was a monumentally stupid move. One of Doom's nemeses is the Invisible Woman. GEEZ, Tony, get it together.

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